Company Dance Competed 35 Numbers at the All Star Level (The Highest Competitive Level)


1.) Alex Pryor- “Say Something”- Teen Contemporary Category- Diamond- 6th Overall- Mr. Beyond The Stars Title Winner- Judges Award “Most Captivating Performance”

2.) Alex Pryor- “4AM”- Teen Jazz Category- Platinum

3.) Kendall Heeter- “Pon De Replay”- Junior Tap Category- Diamond- 5th Overall

4.) Kendall Heeter- “Jet Set”- Junior Jazz Category- High Gold

5.) Julia Satelle- “Heartburn”- Junior Tap Category- Platinum- 6th Overall

6.) Julia Satelle- “Black Cat”- Junior Jazz Category- Platinum- Judges Award “Fierce and Fun”

7.) Ava Maurer- “Slave to The Rhythm”- Junior Jazz Category- Platinum

8.) Ava Maurer- “Treat Me Rough”- Junior Tap Category- Platinum

9.) Rachel Shapiro- “Too Darn Hot”- Junior Jazz Category- Platinum

10.) Rachel Shapiro- “Ghost in the Wind”- Junior Lyrical Category- High Gold

11.) Melissa Cross- “Both Sides”- Junior Lyrical Category- Platinum

12.) Gianna Meley- “Big Time”- Petite Tap Category- Platinum- 4th Overall

13.) Gianna Meley- “Heartcry”- Petite Contemporary Category- Platinum

14.) Taylor Miranda- “Shake”- Petite Jazz Category- Platinum- 5th overall- Judges Award “Showmanship”

15.) Delilah Pickel- “Fierce”- Petite Jazz Category- Platinum- 7th overall

16.) Emma Shapiro- “Gimme Some Rhythm Daddy”- Petite tap category-Platinum- 9th Overall- Judges Award “Firecracker Award”

17.) Helena Baker- “Braveheart”- Platinum- Petite Jazz category- 10th Overall



1.) Marley Kinsey, Kira Phillips, Alex Pryor- Teen Contemporary Category- “Human”- Diamond- 4th Overall

2.) Alex Pryor and Jayla Tate-Harding- Teen Contemporary Category- “The Breeze”- Diamond- 5th Overall

3.) Jordan Lewis, Akiva Brooks, Deseray Hester- Teen Hip Hop Category- “Move to the Beat”- 7th Overall

4.) Ava Maurer, Julia Satelle, Kendall Heeter- Junior Jazz Category- “The Way You Make Me Feel” – Diamond- 3rd Overall

5.) Ava Maurer, Julia Satelle, Gianna Meley- Petite Hip Hop Trio- “24K”- Diamond- 1st Overall

6.) Helena Baker, Taylor Miranda, Keira Sheetz- Petite Jazz Category- “I Feel The Earth Move”- Diamond- 2nd Overall

7.) Emma Shapiro and Raeya Layden- Petite Tap Category- “Shine It On”- Platinum- 4th Overall


Small Groups:

1.) Sugarbabies- Junior Hip Hop Category- “Trillion”- Platinum- 7th Overall- Judges Award “Hard Hitting”

2.) Sugarbabies- Junior tap category- “Dirty Orchestra”- Platinum- 6th Overall

3.) Sugarbabies- Junior Jazz Category- “Pandemonium”- Platinum

4.) Sugarbabies- Junior Contemporary Category- “You’re the One That I Want”- Platinum

5.) Gumdrops- Petite Jazz Category- “Take Me Higher- Platinum- 2nd Overall

6.) Gumdrops- Petite Tap Category- “Mack The Knife”- Platinum- 5th Overall

7.) Gumdrops- Petite Contemporary- “I Will Follow You”- Platinum- 10th Overall

8.) Skittles- Mini Jazz Category- “Classic”- High Gold- 1st overall- Mini Champions


Large Groups:

1.) “Americano”- Junior tap category- Platinum- 4th Overall

2.) “Footloose”- Petite tap category- Platinum- 4th Overall


Ultimate Awards:

1.) “Footloose”- Petite Tap Large Group- “Ultimate Entertainment Award”

2.) “Trillion”- Junior Small Group Hip Hop- “Ultimate Precision Award”


Dancers invited into the Opening Number at Nationals:

1.) Alex Pryor

2.) Kendall Heeter

3.) Julia Satelle

4.) Ava Maurer

5.) Gianna Meley

6.) Taylor Miranda

7.) Delilah Pickel

8.) Helena Baker

9.) Emma Shapiro

10.) Kira Phillips

11.) Jordan Lewis

12.) Keira Sheetz

13.) Akiva Brooks

14.) Marley Kinsey

15.) Deseray Hester

16.) Jayla Tate-Harding

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