From the classic styles of Broadway to the innovative rhythm of “hoofing”, the Company Dance tap program boasts the most complete curriculum in Central Pennsylvania.  Classes focus on endurance, accuracy, timing, clarity, speed and footwork.  Each step is carefully broken down, shown and taught to our students with complete explanation.  Class starts with a warm up, then progresses to across the floor and center work. Tap at Company Dance will motivate and inspire you.  Our instructors will afford you the confidence you need to allow your tap to progress.  Available for ages 3 through adult.


Our jazz program brings dancers an intensive work out that combines technique, flexibility, and strength training.  Dancers in this class will learn how to execute technical moves and perform seamless transitions.  Our jazz students learn to understand musicality, fluidity, technique, and transition.  All jazz techniques are presented to our students, from lyrical to Broadway.  Jazz at Company Dance gives our dancers a look into all jazz styes which gives them a well-rounded edge.  Class starts with a warm up, then progresses to across the floor, center work, barre, and finally a combination taught at the end of class.  Available for ages 4 and up.


By combining numerous styles of Ballet, the dancers will learn a wide variety of placement, movement, and body position.  At higher levels, each dancer’s body will be pushed into endurance mood, where their muscles will be constantly challenged within every Ballet class.  The class has a fusion of Vaganova and Cecchetti Technique and music ranges from Classical to Contemporary.  Available for ages 3 and up.


A “contemporized” form of Lyrical Dance, that combines elements of Ballet, Modern, and Jazz dance techniques.  This class will teach dancers raw emotions, systematic breathing, fluidity, and how to push new boundaries of body movement.  This class is organized to give each dancer’s mind and body a wide range of movement possibilities.  Available to ages 6 and up.

Hip Hop

Learn the funky street styling that has taken the country by storm.  The Company Dance Hip-Hop Program blends B’girl and B’boy Styles along with a hardcore urban movement.  Our program is the “Real Deal”.  There’s no cheerleading hip-hop found here!  We teach the hip-hop as it is presented in the industry.  Class is broken into warm up, then progresses into beginner breakin’ and followed by a combination.  Available for ages 4 to adult.


Ankles, knees, and spines are all evaluated to ensure growth and strength from every dancer.  Within this class, Muscle toning, good posture, and discipline of mind and body will take place.  Music ranges from Classical to percussion rhythms.  Available by invitation only.


A form of contemporary and concert dance employing a special technique for developing the use of the entire body in movements expressive of abstract ideas. Its specific style stems from the core of the body and uses elements like contact-release, floor work, fall and recovery and improvisation. Modern and Improv encourages dancers to use their emotions and moods in a structured code of technique. The goal of this class is to help develop aesthetic knowledge and skill in movement and expression. Ages 6 and up.


Why Choose Dance?

Good for the Mind

Studies show that participation in dance classes positively correlates with higher SAT scores and problem-solving skills.

Good for the Body

Dance increases strength, endurance, and motor skills, and improves the condition of the heart and lungs.

Good for the Soul

Dance offers a creative outlet for people to express themselves in a safe and encouraging environment.

Good for Life

Through dance, students gain life skills such as self-discipline, determination, responsibility, and dependability.

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